What’s new in the Exceed TurboX VDI solution 12.5.1

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Exceed TurboX (ETX) is a comprehensive but lightweight solution for application and desktop virtualization, no matter where the apps and desktops are hosted. ETX can manage hybrid cloud environments for virtual desktop software. Using ETX, IT can manage apps and desktops on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google cloud. Only to name the most popular ones. And ETX integrates all your on-prem infrastructure as well giving IT one single point of management for all your virtualization platforms. ETX 12.5 did introduce many new features for Windows virtualization and remote access.

In early 2023 we released Service Pack 1 for the Exceed TurboX 12.5 VDI solution. Not only does the service pack provide many quality improvements, but it also provides a good number of exciting and helpful features. All in all, the OpenText application virtualization platform for blazing fast hybrid work is getting better and better. Here is what is new in version 12.5.1:

Deployment features of the VDI solution

IT groups benefit from these new features as they allow them to easily configure precise user and application/desktop settings via the centralized server dashboard resulting in less user-initiated misconfigurations and other issues.

  • More configuration flexibility for Windows systems to prevent issues with antivirus software. In case when the installation of the ETX client launcher triggers an antivirus alert, system administrators can disable the client installation in the system directory. Installing in the system directory prevents dll hijacking attempts.
  • ETX systems can be configured to disable manual client downloads by the user. The default client configuration will be enforced.
  • Users can now create easy to launch desktop icons for remote applications and remote desktops.
  • The server manager now shows the available client launchers including version information.

Node and client features

ETX comes with two clients. The historic native client which is a quick local installation and the new Web client that requires zero local installation allowing for super easy frictionless deployment of virtual applications and virtual desktops.

  • Audio redirection from the remote session to the client is now supported for the Web client, the MAC client, and the Solaris Intel 11.4 client.
  • Server-side removable drives can now be mapped to local drives providing more flexibility with file exchange between client and server.
  • The Web client has been enhanced to include the performance panel for solving performance bottlenecks. One can use the performance panel to view real-time measurement of session performance, including bandwidth usage, network latency, frame rate, and CPU/GPU utilization.
  • A new IP protection feature has been added to display a user’s email address in the background watermark sign. Watermarks can be used to identify copied IP including the author of the copy. 

Server features

The ETX server is the central management software of the VDI solution that IT uses to manage users, applications and infrastructure like cloud application servers, central authentication systems, and more. ETX provides an easy-to-use central web dashboard for all IT administration settings of the virtualization infrastructure.

A new profile settings session sharing feature allows session owners to be prompted when an invited user attempts to join a shared session.

  • Session termination and sessions suspension messages can be repeated after a defined period.
  • In an ETX server cluster a preferred master server can be set. The setting is available from the Site settings > cluster tab.
  • When launching a remote desktop or remote session a user can be prompted to select a node group to run the session on. This can be useful for users that desire to use a cloud resource or datacenter resource close to them for better performance.
  • A new option is available to define a pop-up message that is displayed to users when they start any new sessions or resume any existing sessions, either by manually resuming or the sessions or is reconnected after a network outage or the user has hibernated their PC. The messages will continue to be displayed indefinitely until the admin disables the message. Very useful to announce maintenance windows or other down times.
  • To allow administrators to enforce usernames be created in either all upper or lower case, a new Username capitalization option is available on the Authentication > User Information page to accept the username to be as typed or forced to be either all uppercase or lowercase.
  • A new bin/etxsvr datastore clean command has been implemented to remove unused runtime files under the data directory.
  • The grid sort order in both the Dashboard and Server Manager screens are now preserved. Users can now define the sort order of the grids and they will be retained once the user logs out.

REST API additions

ETX comes with a comprehensive set of REST APIs that developers can use to control any bit of the virtual desktop solution. The REST APIs can be used to for example create an internal dashboard from where users can start their virtual applications without using the built-in ETX user dashboard.

  • A new poll REST API is available for monitoring the state of sessions. This can be used to create statistical usage information on session and resource utilization. 

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What’s new in the Exceed TurboX VDI solution 12.5.1

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