Industry’s Fastest Adopted and Trusted Signoff 
Solution for FinFET Designs

The Cadence Tempus Timing Solution is the industry’s most trusted static timing analysis (STA) tool for FinFET designs. It is the fastest STA tool in the industry, providing faster design closure turnaround time while delivering the best-in-its-class power, performance, and area (PPA). Customers trust innovative Tempus capabilities such as SmartScope, CMMMC, Design Robustness Analysis, SmartMMMC Optimization, etc. to optimize and signoff their most complex, large, and complicated designs at advanced nodes.

The Tempus solution is deeply integrated with Cadence’s Innovus Implementation System, Quantus Extraction Solution, and Voltus IC Power Solution to deliver the best user experience during the entire design cycle.


Advantages of Empowering Design Teams Through Productivity Boosts
Better PPA

Optimized for better PPA and signoff closure while employing AI

Improved Productivity

Industry’s fastest runtimes on a single machine or in the cloud with 5X faster runtime with CMMMC technology

Foundry Certified

Fully certified down to 3nm

Familiar User Interface

Streamlines flow development and simplifies user trainings with new common user interface shared across the Cadence digital full flow

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